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How to move/Install Android Apps from Internal to External Storage without ROOT(for Mac)

If you’re like me- in possession of an HTC One M8 with 16GB internal memory and 32GB SD memory with games like GrandTheft Auto-San Andres, Asphalt 8, Modern Combat and World Of Goo and loads of smaller applications, you would already have gotten the ‘insufficient space’ error when you try to load new apps.

So here’s a workaround if you use a Mac.


  1. Download the Android SDK here
  2. Unzip it (duh)
  3. Enable USB Debugging mode. In HTC One, you have to go to(in HTC One M8) go to Settings->About->Software Information->More->then click on Build number 6 times. This will enable Developer Mode. Developer Options is now found under Settings. Enable USB Debugging from here.
  4. From terminal navigate to the Platform-tools in the SDK manager. It should be something like cd /users/your-name/android-dev-environment-mac/sdk/platform-tools.
  5. From terminal type ./adb devices you should see your phone recorded.
    ./adb devices
  6. Then type
    ./adb shell pm set-install-location 2

    2 represents external device. 1 represents internal. If you’d like to confirm, type
    ./adb shell pm get-install-location

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