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You are not your thoughts!

Our thoughts are not as real as they present reality

How to use the This Glorious Dance Bookmark

Find a comfortable space

Begin with three deep, intentional breaths – inhale slowly, then exhale with awareness. Place the bookmark on a smooth surface.

Bring awareness to the fingers

Maintaining finger contact, conduct a gentle body scan. Observe areas of tension, particularly in your knees, shoulders, thighs, and jaws, without getting entangled in your thoughts. Rest your index and middle fingers on the indicated area of the bookmark. For at least 40 seconds, focus on the tactile sensation under your fingertips, anchoring your attention here.

Bring awareness to your state

Embrace a state of relxed awareness, releasing any urge to control your experience. After a few minutes, pay attention to what’s happening internally. Without returning to the stories of thoughts, you may notice a shift internally.

Why might this work for anxiety?

There’s no certainty anywhere. However, consider watching the video on this page for a perspective on this.

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Chapter 1


In this chapter, Seye draws a correlation between magical illusions and the mind's misunderstanding of what's obviously in front of us- the shaping of our perception is not reality.

Chapter 2.

Home is This and I is a lie

Building on the ideas of the first chapter, this chapter expands on the illusion of seeking, and seeking a destination that's out there. In our exploration, we may find that we are always home and home is non-locale.

Chapter 3.

The Dance of Thoughts

In The Dance of Thoughts, we explore the nature of thoughts; where thoughts come from, how they emerge, how they create the separate self. We may find that there's no thinker to any thought.

Chapter 4.

Forgiveness, Forgetfulness, Oneness and all that's necessary

Can we forgive and forget? Seye thinks so. In this chapter, he builds the case for forgiveness as the act of recognizing one's self as both the offender and the offended. In truth, there's no separation between one and an 'other'. The necessity here is to recognize the Oneness of all things.

Chapter 5.

Projection, Projectors and the Self-confident self

What if we realized that our perception of others is a perception of one's own self? How you see others is how you see yourself. Could that be true? In this chapter, Seye builds on this idea of perception of 'self' and what the ego is.

Chapter 6.


Anxiety is seen as a function of a mind that believes in a true existent future. When seen through, we find there's only this moment. In this chapter, there's a further exploration of what the voice in our 'heads' is that creates anxiety.

Chapter 7.

Resistance and Play

Experiencing resistance to an idea or perspective can manifest physically, often leading to discomfort or suffering. Embracing playfulness emerges as a potent antidote to such resistance. This chapter delves into the intrinsic role of play in our nature.

Chapter 8.

Death, Debt, Barbie and Ken

Death is expressed in this chapter as a change of state of finite and impermanent objects. What we are is infinite, transparent, unending. Death can then be seen as a celebration.

Chapter 9.

The Problem with Problems

What if there were no problems in the world? What if problems were reframed as challenges or even activities created by nobody for nobody? With this realization, there could be an enjoyment to what is often seen as 'problems'. This chapter expands on this idea.

Chapter 10.

I Don't Know

When we think we know, we know not. But when we truly do not know, what finds expression is knowledge dressed as wisdom. This chapter is an exploration of what it is to not know anything including all ideas, concepts and interpretations written in this book.

This is an invitation

A nondualistic and
paradoxical exploration of life

This Glorious Dance is an analogy used throughout this book, representing life’s intricate play. As we clearly perceive this dance, we recognize ourselves as the One dancing. Dancing as pain and pleasure. Dancing as good and evil. Dancing as resistance and play. Dancing as poverty and wealth. Possessing nothing but owning everything.

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