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It’s all play! Every bit of it! Life is all play!

All of life, it seems, revolves around the art of letting go. Yet embracing this notion, allowing life to unfold naturally, appears paradoxical. We often find ourselves entrenched in the mind’s narratives, constantly engaging in comparisons. The desire for more stems from the belief that more is inherently superior to less. We crave difference, influenced by the allure of the unknown. Our dissatisfaction with life intensifies as we envision alternative existences. This leads us into a relentless pursuit of improvement, chasing a ‘better’ that, upon arrival, reveals yet another distant milestone. Re-entering this cycle, we seldom pause to scrutinize the absurdity of our mental engagement. It’s in these moments of reflection that we recognize the inherent flaws in our relationship with our thoughts.

There are three paradoxes to explore here. We start with the first: the seemingly flawed relationship with our minds is, paradoxically, beneficial. Throughout life, we often conflate our identities with our thoughts, assuming the existence of a distinct thinker behind them. This deep-seated misconception requires significant unlearning to understand its absurdity.
However, as we delve into deeper inner exploration, we uncover the other side of this paradox: our misidentification with our thoughts and bodies was necessary. It set us on a path to appreciate the broader perspective, the ‘big picture.’

This leads us now to the second paradox: the nonexistence of the ‘big picture.’ here is no big picture! There just is the getting lost in our stories and being found in the true essence of who we really are.

In recognizing this truth, we see the futility of clinging to our narratives, maintaining rigid stances, and attempting to control life- any part of it. These actions only serve to distance us from the inherent happiness available in the present moment. Imagine the possibility of simply trusting in our well-being, without feeling compelled to actively maintain it. What if we could just trust that we are okay without the need to do anything about being okay. While this may initially seem like a nonchalant approach to life, it introduces the third paradox.

This paradox reveals that in truly letting go, life guides us on an extraordinary journey. Although this path may not be adorned with vivid colors and confetti, it opens our eyes to the intricacies behind life’s stage – the creation of the set, the orchestration of the performance, our roles in this grand play, and the ultimate realization of its ‘unseriousness’.

It’s this unseriousness that we can then take seriously! It’s all play!

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