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the sun, not stars, shines

stars only sparkle in the skies

leave him with the constellation

where the most he thrives
take the trouble and you’d find
that up close, stars are but rock
dusty rock, worth nothing
but the hype.
do your groceries instead
play with your hair
go, go gossip with the girls
nothing glitters, not the stars
not the sun, not diamonds
they are just a perception
of what we wish we were
or had
the sun gives the star its shine
and i am his boy.
a piece of rock for the grind
nothing but words
do your groceries instead
play with your hair
go, go gossip with the girls
the sun, not stars, shines
and i am his boy, seye


  • "Take the trouble and you'd findthat up close, stars are but rockdusty rock, worth nothingbut the hype…."As I was reading this my mind traveled to people who are considered to be "stars." Behind every star is, like you said, rock dusty rock. To me, the star is only a reflection of the sun…and my sun is God.

  • With every post I get to read from your blog, I go on a trip through thoughts you so cannily inspire.This is poem even I cannot truly decipher and I have to go back to truly digest it.I'm in awe of your writing skills; makes mine feel like the scribbles of a little child.Good going.

  • Hmmm the truth is at the end of the day…star or no star,we all have one lowest common denominator…we all go to toilet…We are all stars in our own way…we all should reflect the glory of the Sun…some stars shine more than others…time and chance happened to them.

  • So,I"m not a "poem Person"But somehow, I read every line of this poem and it made so much sense.I guess each reader is free to interpret as they wish…..I must say…….this is a very good poem

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