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A view for the bigger problem solving

That high-level executives would entrust their business problems to web designers to solve the challenges of visibility, sales and communication transcending time(no need to place open or closed signs on your business) and boundary(business across borders), is one of the reasons why I am passionate about web design.

Almost 8 years ago, I started a freelance business where I designed Flash websites and applications for clients. Somehow, I got interested in creating graphics(now commonly called User Interface design) that translates into actual websites.
Nigeria, the tech hub of Africa, had a lot of demand for web design services.
The business boomed and so I got an actual office, recruited partners who helped handle the other parts of the business. Working on design projects for some of the biggest financial institutions in Africa, small and medium-sized enterprises likewise gave me the experience to tackle unique scenarios, build beautiful interfaces and deploy very functional websites.

Another reason I loved web development was that it exposed me to different ideas, different challenges and different people. It afforded me the opportunity to be the solutions provider for unique business ideas.

One thing I noticed was that being a web designer required being able to present your ideas to stakeholders in such a way that even though they may not understand the technical bits(that’s why I was hired in the first place), they are able to reason with the approach to design solving the challenges. Personally, this has helped me to work on my communication skills.

But the challenge I faced was that sometimes unnecessary time is spent commuting to an office, unnecessary fees paid for an office space. These two challenges have made me rethink working from a space.

I heard about Toptal through a friend’s recommendation. I found out they hire top 3% of freelancers, a space I love to think I belong. This only just means that Toptal will only offer her services to organizations that respect quality and the processes involved in creating quality products. I am interested in offering my UX and design skills and experience to a wider audience – joining the UX Design Community. Without worrying about office spaces, driving to work and so on, I am able to focus my attention on solving actual problems for this wider audience. I am excited about the opportunity to collaborate on something bigger and wider. I am very interested in Toptal.

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