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Entrepreneurship empowers you to change the world

While I haven’t gotten there yet, I know I will feel a great sense of fulfilment in life when I am positioned for major philanthropic work. It’s easy to get caught up with the daily hustles and bustles, trying to get bread on your table, looking for other ways to add some cheese or butter as topping.

I recently got Jon Kolko’s new book, Wicked Problems: Problems Worth Solving(I should write a review on this), where he talked about the challenges with tackling real problems. Real problems being real ‘life’ problems. More than half of the population in this world is under some distress or the other. Poverty looms in Africa, diseases, war, draughts and oppression have been the only things some children have known. Those are real problems. But we forget these things easily by trying to catch up with our neighbors, the Jones’. In Wicked Problems:Problems Worth Solving, Jon Kolko talked about how he worked on an MTN project for an African country. They changed so many lives through this, but it couldn’t have been continuous because it was more of a corporate social responsibility. The company had to go back to making big profits to impress their shareholders etc. Of course, you begin to lose your business when you stop making as much profit as previous years. So how do you as a corporate organization chase profits and still make MAXIMUM impact in society?

I just read on, Decoded: 17 Secrets to Jay-Z’s Entrepreneurial Success where one of the points, #16 wrote: Entrepreneurship Empowers You to Change the World. How true! How true! One needs to leave the level of making enough money to feed family and be able to move up to meet the needs of community and the world at large. That, I believe is the ultimate call and duty of our existence.

I refuse to stay complacent. I refuse to get lost in the fever of trying to make wealth for myself and my own. I aspire to change the world. Yes, for now one step at a time.

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