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Have some damn compassion! Gosh!

When we drop all the labels of right versus wrong, black versus white, vaxers versus anti-vaxers, gay versus cis, socialism versus capitalism, Christians versus non-christian, Fox versus CNN; when we drop all the man-made labels that give us this false(many times) sense of safety, certainty, then and only then will we clearly see that we all need some compassion. Fortunately, or unfortunately, the way to get past yet another construct called ‘compassion versus non-compassion’ is to actually lend a hand to those around us starting with us.

For x sakes! We are too busy trying to play identity politics games! We are too busy trying to trend! We are too busy trying to get more likes and follows! We are too busy trying to win! We forget that all of those don’t matter but US!

Have some damn compassion! Gosh! was originally published in The Seye Kuyinu Journal on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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