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Shinichi Maruyama: High speed water photo shooting

I am a lover of the arts. I am an artist myself, practising my artistry mostly in my head. But then just when you think you have seen it all, then comes just another one. I recently came across some of the works of the artist, Shinichi Maruyama. This is what is said of him:

Click to view a snippet.

each bucket of water + black ink ‘stroke’ is unique and ephemeral.shinichi maruyama can never copy or recreate these images.’ I know something fantastic is happening, a decisive moment,but I can’t fully understand the event until I look at these images.’maruyama has been involved in many worldwide advertising campaigns,utilizing his expertise in ice, liquid/splash, and specializing in movement in his works.years of lighting research and the advancement of retouching have made it easier tohave a strong idea of exactly how a photo will look even before the shoot begins.however in photographing liquid and subjects in movement, it is impossible to foreseewhat the end result will be, and it is this spontaneity that enables maruyama to havemore fun creating his work.


You can check out his website for some cool stuff:

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