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My Thoughts on the Yosemite Update and iPhone 6

So I just updated my OS to Yosemite. Despite the fact that I am on a Mac Air without retina display, I love the flat design. However, I am experiencing heavy battery drains. I suspect it’s because of the resource-monging Java-based content management system we use at work. I also found out Google Chrome is also intense on system resources.

I really love Safari. I almost feel like changing from Chrome to Safari. It’s well designed with a lot of thought to minimalism. It freezes sometimes. I also like the share feature but then I totally find the Today widget a forced feature. At least till there are loads of widgets to add. I am truly inspired by Apple’s new programming language, Swift. I think it’s going to be a good entry point for web developers to try out desktop and mobile app programming. The syntax is very relatable and reminds me of Javascript.

The iPhone: wasn’t there a time that Apple thought that big screened phones were nonsense?

I finally laid hands on the iPhone 6 plus today and it reminded me of the Samsung Notes. It’s a bloody portable TV! While I love bigger screens, I am still quite satisfied with the 5 inch size of the M8. I had a colleague, who never really liked the iPhone, confess to me how he wanted to get the new iPhone just because of it’s Hands-off feature. But please! How many calls are you going to receive while on the computer? How many SMS messages are you going to reply to make you want to pour out so much money on a bigger version of the iPhone 5? Oh, by the way, low-end Nokia phones had this feature since 2003.

The design trend for this new wave is tilting toward flat minimalistic design! And the Android Lollipop has coined their own design style, Material Design(another design practice that’s not entirely new). But I am in total favor of an open system. That’s why I still am a Google evangelist.

The new Gmail app will allow for users to check mails from Outlook and Yahoo!

Microsoft is making smart watches that are compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Let technology be open!

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