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Birthday Wishlist.

It’s less than 20 days to my birthday and I think I need to start preparing your minds and wallets for the day.

For quite a while I have been making a lot of noise about the new Honda Crosstour. That picture right there is the imagery of BEAUTY! Anyways, I have gone to talk with my friend, @loidee10 and he has given me the price.

His outlet is called Praise Him Autos along Ikorodu road. If you need his number, just ask me…and then close the deal behind my back 😉

N8 million is a whooping sum for a single individual but I am sure all my friends can make generous donations enough to reel that car to the front of my house.

Also, the new Macbook Air! That thing is the hottest peace of machinery I have seen in my life. It’s only $999. So friends, drop the pennies, drop the dough, make my birthday 2010 a remarkable one where you can say boldly, ‘I bought Seye Kuyinu a Honda Crosstour and Macbook Air 2010’.

How about that?

To the geeks out there, I hope to see y’all at the Google DevFest 2010. You can register by clicking here. Let’s see how we can ‘influence the elections’ with our codes.



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