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Chat For Facebook Free on Blackberry

Searching for a Facebook Chat application for Blackberry has mostly led to search results yielding 3rd party applications like ebuddy or trillian for the Blackberry and most of the others come with a price tag.

Most of these come with multiple chat clients like yahoo, gtalk, AIM, and Skype and don’t capture the perfect Facebook experience.

In testing out the ‘better’ facebook chat application, I have stumbled upon Chat On Facebook 2.0.24 by Smarter Apps Inc. I must say, it looks good and work well. The popular pop sound when someone sends in a message got irritating for me, thank goodness you can turn it off from the options screen.

For OTA(Over the Air) download of Chat On Facebook, the application, click here from your phone browser)

Written for OS 4.3 to OS 6.0

For every application I did not build myself, I take no responsibilities for any mishaps.

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