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The Lost PHP Documentation CHM

A while back, I was taking a student PHP. One of the first things I recommended and always will is a copy of the PHP Documentation. Even the experts need to get references from the documentations once in a while. You can’t possibly cram all the different classes and procedures. It’s even more frustrating if you have to check the PHP website for class definitions each time. Why not have it offline. That’s where comes in.

Not until I downloaded the manual did I recognize that they had removed the FULL DOCUMENTATION from the repository. All that’s there right now is a few definitions plus an interesting “Hacker’s Guide to the Zend Engine“.

I have scoured the internet, gone to forums, searched the whole of and haven’t found the files so I thought to recompile the one on my computer and share. I probably will need my own copy in the near future (near<—> future).

One other cool feature of the old documentation is that you get to see all the comments and examples for each class and method.

I will also advice you have an up-to-date copy of the ‘summarized’ documentation on the PHP site

Click here to download.

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