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Optimize Your Website For Other Devices.

It’s not hard to see that the major news/gossip/entertainment websites (which are the real traffic generators) have the major hits coming from mobile devices.

Analysis from 4 high-traffic websites that Nysteria handles confirm this. For the Nigerian audience, almost half of the site visitors come from mobile users, out of which half are Blackberry users.

But then, the most daunting fact one may realize is that the percentage of first time visitors THROUGH mobile devices is on the rise.

In the last few weeks, and responding to this fact, I have had issues making singular websites respond to different mobile devices without using ready-made plugins. I would have used these plugins. But what if you have a unique situation where you need to display 3rd party applications on the site( eg Polls).

The most pain staking is creating for the different Blackberry operating systems. Old operating systems by default, render the pages as it would on PC. What if you have all the animations and splash and fireworks with javascript?

One of the things that helped me was this tutorial: Optimize your website for iPhone in 10minutes. Who would have thought that adding this line: would be a major helper.

Well, it was. With the tutorial and little more tweaks and of course removal of unnecessary scripts, you should have a website suited for the small screen…and touch devices too.

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