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Getting the new WebStorm 7 IDE

Many people spend days in queues for the latest iPhones. I am quite excited about wrapping my hands around the new WebStorm 7 IDE. I have been on the MEAN (MongoDB,Express.js, Angular.js, Node.js) stack journey. On this journey, nothing beats being able to write your code in an IDE that supports you. webstorm7_small

Ever since using PHPStorm for writing PHP codes, JetBrain’s IDEs have been my top choice. They make Dreamweaver look like something for the creche. Syntax highlighting is a breeze with WebStorm/PHPStorm. Code completion makes it easier to write code. And I could say for sure that mistakes in my codes are reduced totally. So debugging is not as a result of mistakes in my code but mistakes in logic.

With WebStorm 7, there is an inclusion of a terminal window. Now I don’t have to be struggling with closing my command prompt window to face my code( you will understand this frustration if you use a dual screen and write node codes). I can monitor them from one interface. OH! NPM is also accessible from the WebStorm7 interface.

You can also write LESS from here. Can’t wait to get this today.



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