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Kristen May vs Lacey Sturm – Flyleaf

A few months ago, Flyleaf announced the departure of Lacey Sturm from the band and introduced Kristen May who would be the new lead singer. For me its not much of a bitter-sweet situation but more of a bitter-bitter situation. Okay let me not make this too dramatic. I just feel the whole essence of Flyleaf was in Lacey Sturm’s performance and vocals.

To be honest, there is a huge difference between Kristen’s voice and Lacey’s voice. Kristen has an absolutely beautiful voice. She sings like a singer…if you know what I mean. But Lacey sings with raw passion. Like you could easily relate to her songs from the passion in her voice.

Right now I’m looking forward to the new Flyleaf coming up with something unique. Their new EP, Who We Are is out now. It features remixes of previous songs that were led by Lacey. A good chance to compare vocals.

You can listen to the preview on the JesusFreakHideout website

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