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How to e-mail to yourself an automatic backup of your MySQL database

// Put in your variable values here.
$dbhost = "yourhost"; // usually localhost
$dbuser = "yourusername";
$dbpass = "yourpassword";
$dbname = "yourdb";
$sendto = "You ";
$sendfrom = "Automated Backup ";
$sendsubject = "Daily Mysql Backup";
$bodyofemail = "Here is the daily backup.";

// don't need to edit below this section 
$backupfile = $dbname . date("Y-m-d") . '.sql';
system("mysqldump -h $dbhost -u $dbuser -p$dbpass $dbname > $backupfile");
// Mail the file
//the includes here are for your PEAR extensions. Confirm PEAR is installed in your PHP.
	$message = new Mail_mime();
	$text = "$bodyofemail";
    	$body = $message->get();
        $extraheaders = array("From"=>"$sendfrom", "Subject"=>"$sendsubject");
        $headers = $message->headers($extraheaders);
    $mail = Mail::factory("mail");
    $mail->send("$sendto", $headers, $body);
// Delete the file from your server


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