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How to solve ‘NextGen Gallery Effect not working’ issues

Creating themes from scratch with WordPress is very interesting. But hitting a bug especially when it comes to third-party applications can be very frustrating.

One of the frustrating things for me has been integrating NextGen Gallery plugin to my WordPress themes that are built from scratch. Many times, I end up creating my own custom jQuery slideshows/ galleries; but as you know, NextGen is the best plugin for picture albums for WordPress.
Of course, if you know how to put your WordPress header filter hooks like the wp_header(); using do_action(‘wp_head’); you may be able to get away with this fine.

This is a quick rough escape to getting your gallery right:

  • Be sure to install NextGen gallery
  • Confirm that wp-content/gallery/folder exists.
  • Check your header.php file( or wherever your header tags are located) for the code below. If they don’t exist, copy and paste this and don’t forget to replace ‘’ with the location of your website.

Special thanks toThe sCube

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