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My Top 10 Gadgets of 2010

It’s going to be the beginning of 2011 in a few days. Speaking of advancements in technology and gadgets, we can only wonder what will spring up in the coming year. I’m certain my dream gadget is around the corner – the one that will allow me to attend two meetings at the same time; rock a party, yet be in bed; visit my family in the US, yet be in Nigeria: a hologram. Maybe it will bear the brand name, Sony, on it. Maybe even Nokia.

2010 was an unbelievable year for geeks, as revolutionary products were released into the ‘techosphere’. Apple alone released three gadgets that changed the thinking of other competitors. Below is a list of 2010′s notable gadgets (I wrote in 2010 The Year of The Gadget Freak for, not necessarily in the order of popularity or functionality.

1. At number 1 is none other than the iPad! No, it wasn’t the first tablet PC. Microsoft released theirs years ago. Some even boast of having used an HP Tablet PC for more than two years. But what exactly was different about the iPad? In this gadget freak’s opinion, the iPad’s full touch functionality gave it a good edge over others. Also, the introduction of the iBook which features

thousands of downloadable books, movies and games built entirely for the iPad, made this the top device of the year. On the downside, the iPad lacks a camera and the ability to sync files without third party software, but these haven’t brought this pad-computer down.

2. The Samsung Galaxy Tab was introduced late in October, and had Etisalat Nigeria as its official carrier in Nigeria. The Galaxy Tab is smaller than the iPad but has two things the iPad doesn’t. The iPad has no camera which the Samsung Galaxy has. The Galaxy Tab also supports Flash. Again, the Samsung Galaxy Tab runs

on Android which allows for more accessibility with regard to downloading content and installing applications. Find a detailed review HERE.

3. Apple Macbook Air: The Macbook Air was introduced in 2008, but with quite a number of flaws. It was hard to watch movies on it as this caused the slim computer’s aluminium case to overheat. In 2010 came the super-slim Macbook Air. Stack 20 sheets of A4 paper and you get a close enough size fit of the Macbook Air. It’s sexy computer, but pricey! At $1000 you get a computer that lasts 30days on standby power, has seven hours of battery life, and can be stolen from your luggage without your noticing weight shift.
4. Microsoft Kinect: Here’s one that gives me hope for my hologram dreams. The Kinect is what I call a mad gadget. It’s a device that allows you to control your game without a pad. Yes, without a pad! With this device games are controlled with body movement, and, wait for it, voice! *swoon* Here’s a video: Microsoft Kinect Video

5. The iPhone 4: Ever since they released the first, Apple comes up with a new iPhone every year. The amazing thing is that every single year, the new iPhone gives its competitors a run back to their sketch boards. New features like the retina display, the slimmer design and the good camera give this phone more pluses than the reports of poor signal that stormed the news earlier in the year.

6. Still on the topic of phones, the Blackberry Torch was the ‘it’ Blackberry mobile phone this year. The Touch, which most likely got its name from the touch abilities of the phone, was the first Blackberry to introduce to us the OS 6.0. The Blackberry Torch is equipped with a touch pad as well as a physical QWERTY keyboard. With a slicker user interface design, and battery life has been improved on, this phone is a keeper. Gadget lovers across the world anticipate the Blackberry Playbook in 2011. We’ll wait and see what Apple iPad’s response to it will be.

7. If you are a photography freak, you’ll appreciate the Sony NEX -3/5, a trendy mirrorless, interchangeable camera. The good thing about the camera is that it’s cheaper and less expensive. It can even record videos in HD.
8. The Nexus One was Google’s first smartphone. There was a lot of buzz before its arrival. Whatever happened to it, I know not. All I know is this: the prospects were great.

9. Somehow, this list won’t be complete without including the Amazon Kindle. Before the release of the iPad, we had concluded that Amazon Kindle had hit its death. Well, we were wrong. With the 3G modems introduced in the 2010 Amazon Kindle 3, users can download e-books directly from the web. There isn’t much more to say about the Amazon Kindle but I dare say that when we talk about e-book readers, the Kindle is legendary.

10. Google TV was also introduced in 2010. This product brought internet videos to our living rooms. Just connect the wired or wireless hub to your TV via HDMI, and you can watch online content on your TV or the other way round.

This is my Y!’s list of the Top 10 Gadgets of 2010. What are yours?

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