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If I were God

if I were God,
i would carve my seat
at the foot of the mountains

and ask for an offering 
just so you men can 
have a feel of what God smells like

if I were God
i’d slay half of the world
not for sin but for ignorance

ignorance. why would you,
you men of insight,
not know who i am 

if I were God 
i’d be visible. 
he who sees me sees

and he who 

can’t bear the sight

if I were God
i’d enforce music
in all schools.

all students play for me
in those moments
when men grieve me.

if i were God
i’d get a fancy name.
Jehovah? No!

i’d get a fancy name.
Not Plectus or Insignia
but a name like ‘Seye‘.

if i were God
i’d eat fruits, grapes 
just like you darling.

and take those tears 
from your eyes
because i’d be everywhere

if i were God,
being magistrate 
wouldn’t be hard

i’d wave my hands
and all things will be simple
all things will be simple

if i were God, 
i would not think 
like i have just written

because wisdom is his
and he knows why things
like this happen

and sure he would never have made me the real God.
me ke?


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