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Lessons from Branding

As a web developer with recent focus on front end development, I have found myself working closely with Corporate and Branding departments of different companies. I have gained deeper understanding of branding processes and brand identity.
This short vacation I embarked on, I loaded myself with a lot of books- most on management and others on Start ups, User Experience Design and Branding. Some titles include The Lean Start Up by Eric Ries, Seductive Interation Design by Stephen P. Anderson, KaChing: How to Run An Online Business that Pays and Pays by Joel comm and of course the biography Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson.

Apart from the Joel Comm book that I found particularly interesting, Brandwashed was a very interesting book, captivating me from the very first leaf.

It is so interesting how selling a brand and selling a product can start from the psyche. Why are soft drinks hardly colored blue? Do you know how fear gets introduced into selling? The book exposes secrets in making sales through the sensual stimulations, brand addictino, peer pressure, celebrities and fame etc .

Today, I flipped on my Feed Reader and read Binary Moon’s article on Business Lessons From Innocent Drinks. Reading this article re-emphasized to me the importance of your own brand image.

Working with Nysteria, I must admit we never really got into our consciousness our Mission Statement. I believe if we had, it would have reflected more in our work ethics and of course, the way we perceive each other- the business as a whole.

In his article, Ben Gillbanks points out the importance of Openness, Mission statements and positive ethics- things he learned when he visited Innocent Drinks.


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