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My two takes on the Wikileaks issues

A response to AfroGeekChic‘s post.

A couple of months back, I remember watching Julian Assange on TED. The things that ran through my mind were:

  • “Hacker. See how they look these days”
  • “What are ‘normal’ moment with these people like”
  • His phone rang during the interview and then I thought ‘Only God knows which man in dark shades and hood is calling him’.
  • When he mentioned about his parents, I go “No wonder!”.

I also went on to think about the type of forces he may be tampering with, his security and how he makes money.

It’s so interesting to know that after his speech, almost everyone in the hall raised their hands in support of Wikileaks. I am sure by now half of the audience would be caught in between supporting his acts and staying clear of them.

Another interesting thing to note is how they rope him in a case of sexual assault just so they can have him caged in while the US thinks of ways to deal with him. Don’t you think the US paid those two girls to accuse him? If he gets extradited to Sweden on sexual assault charges the US will grab him and whisk him off to ‘Kirikiri’ where he will be drilled until he reveals the identities of everyone who’s ever been involved with WikiLeaks. He will have an ‘accident’ in custody. He will be ‘disappeared’.

This cat and mouse story should get to the climax! Just like AfroGeekChic has also expressed, the sexual assault case is just so flimsy. The weird Swedish response to these cases are also to be noted.

But then, Julian Assange hasn’t been formally charged with anything concerning Wikileaks. Or has he? If these charges are real, why don’t the Swedish prosecutors come over to Britain and talk to Assange?

Is there anything wrong about him leaking information that will open the eyes of …the shut? I personally don’t have anything against that. Plus right now, this whole issue has given a spotlight to geeks referred to as ‘boring’.

This statement made by AfrogeekChic, I like “Lets just say these cables show us that there is no grey in the realms of those in positions of power and government. There is nasty nasty muck. Pure unadulterated shit and it does not have mine nor any of your best interests at heart. Simples. Remember that next time you go to vote.”

But then also, let’s ask ourselves: Behind the whole idea of leaking information from Scientology documents to diplomatic cables, does Julian Assange have political biases?

In bringing ‘openness’ which should actually build peace, don’t you think this will start a war? I realize how important it is for everyone to know the TRUTH but then sometimes our dirty deeds need to be buried for good.

On this issue, just like Solomon Sydelle said, “I am on the fence. What I do know, for certain, is that the world as we know it has changed”.


  • Hey, I'm late to the party! Thanks for the response.

    I really like the point you make about how he makes his money, let us never forget that people with friends in moneyed places, tend to also have hands in grubby pots and things they themselves may just be hiding behind smoke & mirrors….a saint I am certain he is not!

    Also, he has to have an agenda. Free speech, anarchy and social good are generally causes for the layman. Powerful men have long since developed new motives, it would be interesting to see what his are….

    I'm still of the opinion that the cause he founded is greater than even he himself, dirty laundry must be aired. Any war that kicks off now was brewing long before the public knew about it. What differs now, in this new age of exposure, is that we have a better idea of the politicking and back-sniping that precedes the so called 'free the world' call to arms. Word.

  • I totally agree with you, and that's the point I was trying to make. And yes, I love your lines, "Pure unadulterated shit and it does not have mine nor any of your best interests at heart. Simples. Remember that next time you go to vote".

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