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Why would I pay more for music

So I ask myself, how do I offer a new Music Streaming service and stand out from the competitor. Someone’s answer would be

  1. Make membership more premium (considering the fact that you can’t reduce the monthly rental fees or you’d struggle to pay the artists)
  2. Since its premium, you increase the quality of music.
  3. Include extra content: Videos and articles
  4. Make this premium membership feel very exclusive.

Well, that’s what Tidal did. I love the feel of the app. I probably will stick to my Deezer subscription for a couple more years till I understand what the big deal is between Tidal’s 1411kbs offering and Spotify’s 320kbs. After all, I pay $9 a month for Deezer and Tidal(which is not even available in Nigeria) costs $19 and you’d need some mad expensive hardware to even justify the cost.

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