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Rebecca what? Black? The Slow Death of our Perception of Talent

And the end of Social Media as we know it

There are things I won’t do. Things like mention Dustin Lieber’s proper name. It has become a personal abomination. You could call it beef or you could say I am jealous. Whatever you call it, I believe the social media give justice to who justice deserves. Instead, it gives justice to those who are able to raise the votes with numbers.

Just in, Rebecca Black! The female version of Dustin Lieber. She has been trending on Twitter worldwide. And her official video(which I won’t put on my blog) has 56million views. Imagine that beating Lady Maga’s youtube views too.

Okay, just for the records, Rebecca Black’s hit song ‘Friday’ has the same tune as Dustin Lieber’s ‘Baby’ song. Unlike his own song where he goes ‘Baby baby baby oooo’, she goes ‘Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday’. Dustin features Ludacris in his own song where he raps toward the end. Rebecca calls on a guy who also adds the Ludacris fill to her own song.

What pisses me off is not only that she’s obviously trying to be like him or that she’s equally young and looking for fame through Youtube, it’s that the mediocrity can yield promising returns through the social media. All you need do is get enough tweets to support your mediocrity and then the world will start begging you to display some of your folly for a fee.

So with Rebecca Black, it most likely started as a Youtube video backed with tweets, now people are downloading her song from the iTunes Store paying MONEY for it. In a few hours, if not already, she’d be a millionaire in dollars.

My advice to others: If you’ve got real talent, get real social connections (online).


In the cause of writing this article,

  • no animals were killed.
  • Rebecca Black’s real name was written
  • I refuse to put any links which will promote any of the mentioned characters
  • Disgust for the Rebecca Black video was the driving force.

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