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Top 2 ways to improve blog traffic now!

I have spent many months trying to find out how to drive traffic to various websites. In fact, I have made it much of a study. Many of the online articles you see about driving traffic to your websites say the same things.

In fact, quite recently, I read an article on Incomediary titled The Missing Link To More Blog Traffic and I got a little pissed when after reading the whole post, he actually never talked about the missing link to more blog traffic and gave a further link to the WordPress SEO Blueprint.

I would just say: There are two key ways to get traffic to your site.

1. Content is Key!

Write good content. In fact write excellent content. This is why people will want to read more. Spend time reading and cross-checking your write-up. Ask yourself this question: If I came to this website without knowing about this topic, will I find this an interesting read?

Yes, content is key. Content is the foundation. But then just like the above website said, the foundation is not enough. Build the house. That takes us to the next important thing:


2. How to select keywords or titles

So you have your content ready? What next? FIND A GOOD TITLE!

Here is how! Go to, type in a title you feel makes a good one for your article. See the auto-suggestions. See the ones that pop in your face.

For instance, if I wrote an article that featured how to write great content, I would go and type these words in Google.


The suggestions will help me rephrase my words as I would like to put myself in the minds of those searching.

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