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When the poet wonders…i

it would have been boring without us, huh?

no earthlings to laugh at when we make fools of ourselves
don’t you mock us from your seat of Power when you look down?
these guys are at it again! killing each other so they can live.
extorting others so they can give.
wining and dining so they can excrete”.
isnt it just obvious that you have it all written out
for us to tamper with. yet we soil this great masterpiece.
ungrateful idiots.
ignorant fools.
unperceiving bastards.
i hear your son is on the right hand.
does he hold you when you rock the throne
so hard from much laughing.
“oh calm down Father, the real fun is yet to begin”.
intercession, yea?
what is the view like from up there?
tiny ants moving about. very busy creatures
going about doing nothing. or what else are they doing?
waking up, eating, going out, stealing, killing, bearing children,
growing old, telling tales, dying, family crying,cycle restarting?
when you kick in some dejavu
just so you can turn the joke another way
do the angels join in? “Laugh, O ye Cherubs”.
Or when the 24yearoldteen is dashed an epiphany
do you enjoy watching her dazzled by the events
when you make us believe there is god
one who sits in heaven, yet on earth,
one who talks, yet to us unheard
isn’t this all part of your plan
to make of us a very serious joke
a joke we are so busy being a part of
that we don’t even laugh. yet we go about
hating eachother, cheating on eachother,
killing eachother, worse of: teasing the god.
i sit here in front of this light
and my fingers laughing to your joke
but really,
when you make us believe there is god
one who sits in heaven, yet on earth,
one who talks, yet to us unheard,
do you know some fall for it?
the shallow-minded wise men.
men with definitions for everything
i am just a poet being amused
by this perfect script.


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