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Wireless chargers are not ‘there’ yet

I used the Samsung wireless charger for my S6 Edge for only three days before giving it away. It just didn’t make sense to me.

While I am intrigued by the possibilities of wireless charging, the convenience and all, I think it is just that- a possibility!

The first day using my wireless charger, I left my phone to charge on it on my bedside table. I woke up to find out that for some reason my phone, that I double as a bedside clock(thanks to the Edge function on the Samsung S6), had somehow lost touch with the wireless charger’s center. From the 50% battery charge I had the night before, I was down to 7% on my way to work.

This happened on the second and third day. Still very new, I put it back in its package and gifted it to a colleague.

My take from this: I will only use a wireless charger when I can truly charge wirelessly and without having to place my phone on a disc. For Adam’s sake, I couldn’t use my phone while charging. Once you removed the phone from the charger, it stopped charging.

While I like the super fast charging of the Samsung default charger with the S6, wireless charging is really slow. In my three days of use, I only managed to get a full charge once. It took about 4 hours to get fully charged- I will admit though that I had to use my phone often while charging.

I will give it to Samsung- build quality is good. Also the lights around the charger show you when your phone is connected to the charger and it changes when the phone is full. You also get a toast message when the phone is connected or disconnected from the wireless charger.



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