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Names, Dates and Music[5 Things Thursday]

I have decided to take my Thursday posts a little different. As opposed to writing lists and headers, I will just go ahead to pour things out.

I officially started a very personal and private project called Dates: And Those Things I Tell You. I have two weeks to put things together and a few more days before the DESCENDING on the 31st of October. I am looking forward to putting down a couple of unpublished poems, short thoughts around recent significant events.

I want to capture a very visual and also textual representation of my imagination and thoughts per date.






I have been listened to the singles,- Woodlands by The Paper Kites and Josephine by Rituals. Very calming. But in other news, I have Adelitas Way, Home School Valedictorian on repeat this week. I once again restored my Spotify account(via VPN- Hotspot Shield is working for me) and my Deezer is beginning to look outdated- UI and UX speak!




I am not sure I will have time to read beyond short posts like Jason Fried’s Medium posts. His post Can Old World Be More Modern Than New School has got me thinking beyond my worries about the beauty of classic designs. Now my mind is going to getting really good mechanical watches. In his words,

As time goes by, my pocket will meet many machines. My wrist might too. But when I look down at the machine on my wrist today, and know that in 50 years my son will be able to look down at his wrist at the same machine ticking away the same way it ticks today. That’s a special kind of modern reserved for a special kind of machine: the wonderful mechanical wristwatch.


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