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5 Things Thursday [2]

Articles I’m reading

Introvert Freelance very witty!

Designers Should Design, Coders Should Code, from Co.Design, discusses why designers shouldn’t necessarily be coders, but why it’s valuable for a designer to understand the code that will eventually power their designs. It’s a more middle-of-the-road position than many take, and very well supported by their arguments.

Books I’m reading

I am still on Go Set A Watchman- Part II

Music I’m listening to

Lucy Rose’s Work It Out album and Mae’s Singularity.

What I’m thinking

I am learning not to limit myself to saying there are things I can’t do, or things I will never do. I am at the middle of the most unexpected turn in my life. I wouldn’t have imagined it in my wildest life to be in this ‘place’. I almost feel like a man in a space suit walking on water.

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