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5 Things Thursday

I have decided to be more frequent with writing on this blog. So I’m going to do this first in little doses and then in larger chunks of written thoughts.

With this in mind, I am going to be writing ‘5 Things Thursday’; events and happenings around me:

  • Articles I’m reading
  • Books I’m reading
  • Music I’m listening to
  • What I’m watching
  • What I’m thinking

With Articles I’m reading, I will focus on posts I’m reading on the web, most of which will almost already be perched on my 100 open Google Chrome tabs. In this case, my most interesting read is Designing Data-Driven Interfaces.

Books I’m reading will be about newly discovered books that I am reading. As I may not be able to finish a book before the next week when I write about discovered books, I may also just make references to interesting parts of books I am reading.

What I’m thinking will be an highlight of my dominant thoughts for the week.

I am currently reading Harper Lee’s book, Go Set A Watchman and The Art of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobelli.harper_lee_go_set_a_watchman_cover_p_2015

Music I’m listening to

I’m listening to Popularity by Jonezetta. A very different blend of rock music. While its a 2006 album, I am quite impressed.

The Lost Ocean’s Lost Ocean album plays more constantly . I can’t believe this album has been around for at least a decade.


What I’m watching

I am struggling to keep up with Suits and Graceland. They are currently my favorites showing at the moment. I almost feel like I watch Graceland not only for the story but for Graceland, the house the agents live in. #dreamhouse.

What I’m thinking

My book launch is in three days. I’m quite excited about this. My cousin 11 year old cousin, Asope will be performing on the violin, sharing stage with Ese Peters and OB Jazz. By the way, you can order a copy of my book from

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