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The Stranger from Beyond

I am from beyond yet
I want to spend a whole day with you.
Just to sit side by side you.
Somewhere in the open.
Where we can talk about life,
the future, the past,
forget the present
I want to spend a whole day with you.
Just taking in a stroll,
share with you how much I love to walk,
walk side by side you.
Where we get to notice our feet
and not where we are going.
I want to spend a whole day with you.
Just talking with you.
oh, then you’d really notice
That I am a man Of few words.
I want these words to leave
pen and paper and become life to you
but now I walk.
I walk away from your distant dreams
Of lover chases on beaches outside
the condos of an exotic island
only because you made me go
I walk away from memories of nights
when we played scrabble to remember the
days when our fingers were more familiar
with the asdf ;lkj clinking that kept us awake
Now I walk away, towards the sun
my guitar on shoulders,leather boots
dustier than when i came
jeans stained ffrom dirty hands
that cared only to make your clothings cleaner
I become the stranger you once called stranger
slowly your infectious giggles are replaced
by the sound of the ukelele and old men singing in bars.
They sing about the native damsel who lives in the west
cute faced,and a voice able to warm any man’s heart.
my sighs make them angry
because i spoil their flow with my gloom
my heart rejoices knowing i once made you smile
my mind in chaos knowing i was grossly misunderstood
my flesh. itching to give warmth that it once gave
promises and prophecies still remain fixed
because none of these words fall or fail
I am who i am.that was, from the first to the last day
a stranger trying to find a home.


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