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Somewhere on Allen (unpolished)


and I find myself on that table, alone.
frequently checking the time
nibbling on my nails
fumbling with my thoughts.
silence again
she walks in.
three years hadn’t taken too much from her
not even her height. not the glamor.
silent again
“You look good, better than those days”,
she said.
A light smile, I motioned her to her seat.
I stare at her bangles, then her necklace
words play in my mind
{exotic, tropic}
silence again
down to the reason we were in a dark pub
at the crux of the night, she make a jot
of what i had to say.
i silently remember years ago
when she did the same thing
she stares at her sheet
and something seems to have changed
I try to perceive. Nothing
But something seems to have changed
her skeptic look.
silence again
she scratches my name on the pad
and adds a dot com
……………………………………….flashes of the past
when we dreamed of taking over the world
……………………………………….flashes of the present
where we actually did take over the world
silence again
“Sir, we will close now”,
the waiter reminded and it occurs
to me. 2 hours of silence mixed with business
“Seye, what do you have?”,
she asked and I stutter.
She asks herself the same.
“I will send you a mail”, I offered.
I got up, pulling the door open as she walked out.
silence again
she takes her leave
i go the opposite way,
down the streets of Allen Avenue
silence again
Home. I click open my email
and I remember the dream
she had of me the previous night.
my email window remains
its still silent


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