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Why #lightupnigeria didn’t trend and won’t trend

Twitter, in my opinion, started as some sort of experiment by some ruby/python developers. Written in a couple of programming languages including Scala( programmers find out about that language), the then ‘twittr’ became unexpectedly successful. It also opened doors to other ‘social online cultures’, including the concept change of Facebook as we know it.

Twitter has opened doors for other web applications like, twitpic, twitvid. It has also generated its own vocabulary. Don’t be surprised when you hear terms like tweeps, tweminars etc.

People who are not on twitter or who have not spent at least 30minutes on twitter have wondered why those on twitter are addicted to the ‘boring’ concept. I must say, Facebook sucks after you get used to twitter. My tweeps will testify to that. Though two different communities with their different capacities, I must say that Twitter is a more knitted community.
Well, the purpose of this post is actually to talk about why #lightupnigeria didn’t trend. This is a quick post because I have to …run soon so I can’t explain hash tags and the twitter lingo. I am afraid, this post is not for the twignorant people. If you are not on twitter, you may not…err…understand this post. So get on there!
#lightupnigeria as I wrote in the twibbon I designed for the cause( yeah that green bulb that displays on some tweeple’s twitter avatars , is a campaign that launched on twitter to sensitize people and the Nigerian government on the need to provide better power generation in Nigeria.
Almost every naija person on twitter knows about #lightupnigeria and probably have tweeted it. But that is where the question generates. Why hasn’t it ever trended on twitter?
.Reason 1
When the campaign started, there were a little over 4,000 Nigerian tweeters(that’s different from twitters, by the way). The greatest number of specific hashtags per hour/per day gets to be the trending topic. How possible is it for 4,000 Nigerians to beat the whole world, especially the US with about 1,000,000 users who are also hashing out things like #avatar, #obama, #followfriday, #nowplaying.
As more and more naija users started getting accustomed to twitter, they started identifying with the culture and #lightupnigeria became part of it. But then the number of tweets with #lightupnigeria became less agressive. You will testify with me that unlike before when you tweeted #lightupnigeria an average of 20 times a day, right now you tweet it about 5 times a day and expect it to trend.

.Reason 2

Because of the #lightupnigeria trending failure, a lot of people have put it aside and have embraced other trends. #LightupNigeria became less fun for Nigerians who are fun loving people and other topics took over and became more fun and #abaversion and #nigeriangrammar become world wide trending topics. Even our guy @FunnyJoker helped to trend #abaversion.
.Reason 3
Tweeps are getting tired of #lightupnigeria and that’s the truth! The Nigeria topics that will trend are just going to be topics that bring Nigerians outside the country and within the country together. #lightupnigeria in my own predictions won’t. Oh, @bubusn, just my opinion.
In my own opinion, #lightupnigeria is only going to remain as a concept that brought a lot of nigerians together on twitter.
The ultimate question still remains: If #lightupnigeria finally trends, what next?

@esepeters: All we are doing on twitter is telling ourselves to #lightupnigeria when even our govt can’t cc@seyekuyinu (cont) “

You know my answer? N.O.T.H.I.N.G!
Let me know what you feel! And…follow me @seyekuyinu


  • now some1 who speaks my language! i concur w/ everything. eventho it trends…it wnt solve nytin! all the town hall meetings r just FARI…showoff! lobbyin and peaceful picketin is what we need to do!trendin on twitter is nothing.Only WE can fix our own problems! the world dnt give a crap abt us!

  • well, the thing is, its not like the nigerian government is hiding a huge pot of electric gold in her backyard. its simple, we don't have the capacity currently to light up nigeria completely. lobbying WOULD only make it a priority, which, i sense it is already. but then again i don't live in nigeria so what do I know. #lightupnigeria anyways…. I suggest the people doing the campaign should look into alternative energy. what about #greenupnaija. OMg….i think i just had a brillaint idea…off to go start a blog about it. hahahaha

  • *nodding head slowly*heheheheSeye and Lati and now me….looks like its geeks that can see through this thing ohSee you guys, I will not be quick as you guys have to pull don another man's hard work. You might not see it yet BUT, Amara works hard towards this #lightupnigeria thing, let's admit it…However, I must agree with you Seye and in turn, Lati…This light situation requires more than just the side shove we're giving it with a trending topic…like really? trending topic?Does Femi Otedola give a fuck what twitter is? [Forgive my french]. Do we even realise how much in Billions of Dollars it will cost Otedola if we actually Light Up Nigeria?#lightUpNigeria is definitely a baby step in the right direction…but needs a rethink and a more agreesive approach….all the same my kudos to @bubusn He has done well so far.

  • in agreement with Esere. Change has to come from us… ACTIONS speak louder than #lightupnigeria. We have to fix our problems. There are other countries in dire problems. So seriously, #lightupnigeria trnding doesn't change squat.P.S. #abaversion n #nigeriangrammar TT was fun mehn!

  • wait a minute, is chari claiming to be a geek? abeg! goand sitdown!:Danyways, I kinda agree with you, after #Abaversion and #nigeriangrammar became trending topics, what else happened? Truth of the matter is, even though those things became worldwide trends, only those of us who are on twitter know about it(give or take a few)Also, in the earlier days when we came very close to trending #lightupnigeria, people had funny, witty tweets, nowadays people are trying to be "serious" about #lightupnigeria tweets. Even though we have almost double the nigerian people now as compared to the earlier days, its easier to jump on a lighthearted topic.Lastly, I think we should go back to the drawing board and figure out how exactly we want to lightupnigeria, cos I honestly dont think a revolution- let alone an online revolution is the best way to light up that country.

  • Whoever UniqueLati is, she's got brains and I'm following her immediately!Can we stop seeking help from outsiders to solve our problems?…the average human being is selfish and so is the average nation…so when they help "lightupNigeria"…what will be in it for them…they will stop exporting gens to naija etc…I'll me say no more…

  • I saw one or two tweets that bordered on rude in response to questions regarding why #nigeriangrammar trended while #lightupnigeria didn't. It's nice to see a well thought out response instead!uniqueLati is right that being a trending topic on twitter does not mean that all problems will be solved. Maybe if we keep tagging tweets with #lightupnigeria it'll at least keep the initiative in people's minds and hearts, whether or not it ever becomes a worldwide trending topic.

  • "we don't have the capacity currently to light up Nigeria completely" Really?? What source does Ghana use to generate their own power supply? A certain dam in YOUR country. We don't have power cos the bastards up top can't be bothered. We can tweet and tweet and cry all we want…but until the people up there care or are murdered [whichever comes first] we ain't going no where.—excuse my french 🙂

  • Nice one seye….honestly wat u wrote in ur blog is d truth,d only tings pple want to trend are fun stuffs…we have tried to make this trend no matter how many times we #tag it…people around the world jst dnt see the fun in it…anoda tin is if it trends….wat next?

  • All I have to say is everything starts somewhere and whether or not #lightupnigeria ends up making a difference .. it made a difference to me. Seeing 100s or 1000s of other voices sharing the same #lightupnigeria is an inspiration. And every time i hear those those who have nothing better to do than tell someone else to do nothing, its a reminder of how we got into this despicable situation in the first place.Yes there is a lot more that must be done and if we keep the dream alive that is going to happen. So if u r a tweeter … then tweet. If u r a talker …. then talk. If u r a hater …. then hate … but no matter what … keep this #lightupnigeria debate going.-NM M

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